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Best Gaming Consoles Available In The Market

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Meta Description: In this article, we have discussed the best gaming consoles available in the market and its advantages and disadvantages.

With the new generation of gaming consoles approaches its release, let’s look at what is currently available in the market. You can easily grab one of the old consoles at an affordable price. With the new consoles release date approaching, most of the gaming companies will keep all their surprises for the next year. For example, FIFA 21 and PES 21, both these games kept their graphics and gameplay similar to their previous versions. So, you can easily pick any old game at a cheap price and rock out with the available gaming consoles in the market. However, here we will discuss the best gaming consoles available in the market.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

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Released in November of 2016, the Sony ps4 pro is still one of the best gaming consoles available in the market. With 4k and HDR compatibility, it is currently one of the hot property among gaming fans. It has one of the largest libraries of games. So, once you own a PS4, you don’t have to think about compatibility. The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has dual shock controllers that give you a tighter and thicker grip. The Pro version’s hardware specification is similar to personal computers so, studios can manufacture easy and cheap games for PS4. The PS4 also has a dedicated ram, which allows you to switch between games and applications effortlessly. When it comes to third-party games, the PS4 performs better than any other gaming consoles. However, one of the drawbacks of PS4 is that you cannot play PS3 or PS2 games on PS4. 

Microsoft Xbox One X

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Microsoft Xbox One X is the most powerful and one of the best gaming consoles available in the market. Released on 7th November 2017, the Xbox One X provides the best 4k HDR gaming experience with Blu-Ray quality. The hardware specification of One X is similar to One S but the gaming visuals are much better in One X. You can also enjoy your favorite movies, social media, and also connect your Netflix account on Xbox One X. With the advancement in its technology, the One X can use its extra horsepower to notch-up the gaming visuals. Even though PS4 has a bigger game library but Microsoft has specific games that are visually enhanced for Xbox only. In fact, many gaming franchises lined-up some upcoming games that you won’t find on PS4.

Nintendo Switch

Released on 3rd March 2017, Nintendo Switch is arguably the best portable gaming console available in the market. It is basically a hybrid console, which means you can use it as your home console or a portable console. The Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the local multiplayer modes and on-the-go gaming. The Joy-Con wireless controllers provide a smooth gaming experience with motion sensing and tactile feedback. You can also connect these controllers with grip accessories that can provide you with gamepad like feel. Even though the Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as PS4 Pro or Xbox One X but it has significant importance in social gaming.

Sony PlayStation 3

When it comes to backward compatibility, nothing beats the old Sony PlayStation 3. You can easily play all PS1 and PS2 games on PS3. Released in November of 2006, the Sony PlayStation 3 revolutionized the game experience. It was the first console to have a dual shock controller. As of 31st March 2012, more than 595 million copies of games were sold for PS3. In fact, the PS3 was the best gaming console available in the market at that time. Although the later versions of PS3 were slimmer, it no longer had the hardware compatibility to play PS2 games. Even though the production of PS2 is officially discontinued by 2017 but, you can find 2nd hand models in the aftermarket.

If you’re thinking of getting a gaming console, then now is the time my friend. With release dates of Xbox S and PS5 approaching, you can get a great deal on the best gaming console available.

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