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Gaming Glasses for Better Vision

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Finding the best glasses for gaming can sometimes be a little bit of a hassle, particularly if you do not know too much about them at all. There are several considerations that must be kept in mind when you choose which gaming eyeglasses to buy. Gamers want to be as comfortable as possible while playing their video games. If they have to deal with a sore neck or headaches after losing a match, then so be it. However, the right kind of eyeglasses or shades can help alleviate the discomfort.


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The first thing to look for is comfort. The frame and lenses should fit well and should not rub against one’s face or the eyes. Comfort should be an important factor when choosing which eyeglasses to buy. Some gamers prefer traditional glasses, but today’s styles offer a wide range of colors and lens options that allow for a wide variety of looks.

Gamers should consider their long-term habit of wearing prescription glasses whenever they play. Though a gamer may need only a pair of designer sunglasses to protect their eyes from sunlight during their work or school hours, once they go to bed or retire at night, the constant exposure to sunlight can damage the sensitive corneal tissues. This can lead to more frequent visits to a doctor to get corrective eyewear. In addition, gamers will often be required to wear corrective contact lenses or progressive contact lenses in order to see properly outside the active world. Without the proper lenses, constant exposure to sunlight can make it very difficult to see things clearly.

UV Protection

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Gamers who are required to play outdoors should opt for glasses that come equipped with UV protection. Gamers spend a lot of time outdoors, so they must be able to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays that can harm their vision. Also, some brands come equipped with anti-scratch lenses to reduce the impact of rocks, gravel and other objects on the lenses. These lenses can also come in various colors such as green, red, black and clear lenses. Some manufacturers have even developed a color matching system wherein the same lens can match certain colors of gaming mouse pads.


Gamers may also want to choose between frames with varying degrees of protection. Some lenses come equipped with Anti-glare protection, which reduces the brightness of the screen by a certain percentage. This reduction in brightness improves contrast and prevents eyestrain. Some frames come with anti-scratch protection as well to reduce the impact on the gamer’s eyes caused by constant movement. However, some people find that the anti-glare protection reduces the clarity of the images produced.

The glasses should provide 100% protection against ultraviolet (UV) light. Bright sunlight can reach up to two hundred feet away. A gamer should ensure that his glasses provide 100% protection against UV light as even the smallest amounts of UV light can cause long term damage to a person’s eyes. Some manufacturers have developed special lenses that filter out only UV rays and have their intensity decreased when approaching the surface that they are aimed at.

Final Words

It is important to consider the above factors when purchasing gaming glasses as a pair of vision correctors. A gamer’s eyes are very sensitive to strain and sunlight damage and therefore the best eyeglass to buy is one that can minimize eye strain while minimizing eye fatigue. The best pair of glasses to buy should contain special anti-reflections coating on the lenses and they must have high levels of anti-reflective and high index optical properties. Such eyeglasses will ensure that there is no additional stress on the eyes while they are being used. They should also provide the gamer with a comfortable and relaxed experience.

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