Handheld Gaming Console: Top 6 For Ultimate Experience

Handheld Gaming Console

Over the last few years, people are relying on their smartphone apps for passing their time. But those past phones are not for heavy gaming. However, the handheld game console of various companies is built just for the purpose. You can spend your leisure time with something better. When it comes to the handheld gaming console, each one of them has a better battery and actual buttons, just for gaming.

As the consoles contain lots and lots of games, you can keep yourself occupied for a long time. Of course, Nintendo dominates the video gaming world of handheld consoles as it has four in its basket. So, let’s look into some of the wonderful handheld gaming consoles that will entertain you:

Best Handheld Gaming Console
Handheld Gaming Console: Top 6 For Ultimate Experience

Handheld Gaming Console: Nintendo Switch

Switch from Nintendo offers a unique, stylish design. So, it can seamlessly transform from being a mobile gaming option to a home gaming system. As you place the Switch in the docks, it switches automatically and allows big-screen gaming experience. Thanks to the portable size, Switch can offer entertainment in every environment. You can get the Nintendo Switch at various online stores now.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Sometimes, there are supply shortages with Nintendo Switch Lite, but it can be a wonderfully compact device for gamers. And the lightweight, portable device comes within $200 also. You will get the Lite in at least three eye-catching colors online. 

As you can’t detach the Joy-Cons from the body, unlike the regular Switch, it feels more sturdy, robust, and durable. For gaming on the move, Switch Lite is always a better choice.

Handheld Gaming Console: GPD XD Plus Portable Handheld Gaming

Do you know what emulator is? It is a software or hardware that makes one device to behave like another. When you have GPD XD Plus, you can play classic games of old consoles. Yes, you will be allowed to play games from SNES, PS1. Game Boy, or NES, etc. But the process is not at all as simple as getting apps from the App Store and then downloading the games.  

If you are good with online researches or good with computers, then GPD XD Plus is a powerful emulator to have. However, those who are not good with tweaking or avoid following tutorials online should refrain from getting the console for sure.

Nintendo’s 2DS Handheld Game Console

You will probably get the refurbished units of the 2DS set from Nintendo cause of supply shortages. The 2DS model of Nintendo’s console is actually a version of 3DS but without the hinges. It has a wedge shape and not the original clamshell design. But still, this handheld gaming console is extremely comfortable for holding.

The two backlit screens of the device are bright enough but are exposed. So, they are prone to scratches and cracks. With the device, the gamers can play Nintendo’s DS as well as 3DS games from Nintendo’s extensive library. However, for the stereo sound, you have to wear headphones.

New Nintendo’s 2DS XL Mario Kart 7 Bundle

Won’t it be awesome to play the exciting games on your large dual screens? The New 2DS XL from Nintendo is just the one. It has a comfortable clamshell design, built-in NFC reader for amiibo, and stereo sound. Amiibo is the collectible action figures from Nintendo that allows in-game extras. However, unlike the 3DS XL, the console may not play all 3D games and videos, but you can still play 3DS games. Also, you can access the software of 3DS at a cheaper rate. And the console offers free-installed Mario Kart 7 to start with.

Handheld Gaming Console On The Move
Handheld Gaming Console: Top 6 For Ultimate Experience

Handheld Gaming Console: ASUS ROG Phone II

For Android gamers, ASUS ROG Phone II is a tailor-made genius. It flaunts a gorgeous 6.6-inch display with the insanely smooth 120 Hz refresh rate. Along with that, ASUS ROG II phone offers powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset along with the 12 GB of RAM. Also, it has a dual-camera along with awesome dual front-facing speakers.

Among the gaming phones, it packs the biggest battery of all. It has been known as the ultimate gaming phone by many. Some may feel that the ASUS ROG phone II has a little ostentatious design, but gaming performance overshadows everything else.

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