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Hyperx Cloud Stinger Wireless Gaming Headphones Review

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Wireless gaming headphones are great because they do not have wires that are attached to your ears and these can be very annoying if you are not able to get them off while you are engaged in a game. The headphones are usually corded and so they will work for everyone. There are many different types of headphones that are on the market today and which one you pick will depend on your personal taste and the type of gaming you are doing. Some people like the style of a noise-canceling microphone while others want all of the freedom of being able to move around freely without having to worry about disturbing anyone else.

Things To Consider To Make Deicison

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When looking for the best wireless gaming headphones there are some things to consider that might help you make up your mind. If you want sound quality then you might want to look at noise canceling headphones. These are designed to cancel out any sounds that could ruin your game such as a jet aircraft or other large noise that is going to keep you from focusing on the game. With a good noise canceling microphone it will take out the sound making it virtually sound free.

If sound isn’t a big deal and you just want a wireless headset with no wires then you need to look at wireless gaming headphones with microphones. These are the best ones, simply because there is no wire to chew through or deal with. With the right microphone you can talk to your friends and gamers and have everyone else in the room to hear you well. Many gamers prefer this feature because it allows them to mingle with the crowd without the constant attention they get from other gamers.

The hyperx cloud wireless gaming headphones also have many features that you will appreciate. The first feature that you will notice is the frequency response. The Hyperx Cloud Wireless Gaming Headphones can response to your gaming needs by adjusting the frequency response to what you are experiencing. This is great because if you are having trouble playing a certain game you are more than likely going to be playing at a different frequency. With a good frequency response your games will sound crystal clear no matter what you are playing. This feature alone can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the headphones.

A second feature that you are going to be really enjoy is that the Hyperx Cloud Wireless Gaming Headphones has a sound blaster. This is a program that analyzes the sound waves being used in your game. The sound blaster then intelligently adjusts the white noise and low frequencies to give you the best audio experience. This feature eliminates any background sounds or noises that could be distracting.

Bottom Line

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One more feature that is worth mentioning is that the hyperx cloud stinger has a microphone built into it. This makes for a much more comfortable headset mic. When you are playing your favourite games, sometimes having a headset mic is just not enough. The Hyperx Cloud Stinger microphone lets you enjoy the game just as much as the game is being played. It’s a truly remarkable feature and one that I am sure all gamers will appreciate.

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