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KFC Gaming Console- Nintendo Wii Gamepad

kfc gaming console

The most exciting thing about the new Nintendo Wii is that it supports the popular KFC food brand. This means you can play a game that involves you eating food off a gold plated KFC chicken. Who doesn’t want to get a taste of world class fried chicken? The only problem is that these games are only available for a few countries at this time. USA, Canada, and Europe are not among them. Until they are, you can enjoy the game using your Wii console.

An Overview

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You can choose between two versions of the game. The first one requires you to cook a leaner piece of chicken and then cook it using the KFC cooking utensil. The second one asks you to place the chicken in a chicken chamber, add water, and cook it by using the provided Wii remote. By activating the heating option on your Wii console, you can cook the chicken in less than half the time it would normally take. The Wii remote turns on the natural heat, which is necessary to sear the meat to perfection.

For the game that lets you eat KFC chicken, the second option is the best. Using the included KFC cooking utensil, you can create your very own chicken chamber, then cook your own meal. Your only problem will be getting the console to dry out enough to use the chamber properly.

How To Play

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The Wii remote and nunchuck accessory can also be used to launch a KFC Chicken War! This game features a three dimensional golfer and a round outer rim to simulate the feel of hitting a real shot. Just like in the real world, the green zone consists of a circular golf-green playing area, while the red zone is the center of the green. When you hit a golf ball, it will shoot out of the green and straight down into the red zone, where you will need to get it back into the green before it drops down again.

If you love to play first person shooters, you will want to check out this hot new addition to the Nintendo Wii console family. The Ray tracing motion system lets you aim your crosshairs in the game and takes you into another dimension, much like the one your favorite action movies are filmed in. Using the Wii remote and nunchuck, you can aim and shoot to scan the screen to track down your target. The higher the resolution on the Wii remote and nunchuck, the better the action, so aim for that mark and get ready to take on some real action!


For the ultimate in Wii sports gaming, try the new Nintendo Wii Sports Game Package. With this package, you get the Wii Sports Resort, a beach house, a basketball court, a ping pong table, and a jet ski. This bundle also comes with two games: Street fighter: Wii Edition, and Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Park. The Street fighter: Wii Edition includes your choice of two games, including the classic pick ’em up game where you have to hit the button while jumping to rack up points; or shoot em up where you use a variety of weapons to score points. The Olympic Park game puts you inside the park and gives you the chance to complete five different events, all while scoring points.

For those who love farm animals, the Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Wii is an exciting addition to the gaming console family. You start out by selecting a character – yourself or one of the six available Animal Crossing characters (green, red, black, yellow, and penguin) – and you begin raising crops, building shelters, and training pets by feeding them the right food at the right time. Your success will depend on your ability to feed the animals correctly and keep their health up. You can purchase new clothing as you progress through the game, so you can immerse yourself in your character’s life.


In addition to these two unique Wii applications, the Nintendo Wii console also now offers support for two other popular games: Sonic and Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog for the Wii can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel, and it enables gamers to enjoy the fun first person perspective of this famous hedgehog. Mario games are available through the Wii Shop Channel and again give gamers the chance to play a classic style game that they are familiar with. Both versions of these great games can be enjoyed alone or with up to four friends in two-on-one multiplayer mode. No matter what type of game you’re looking for, you can find it on the Nintendo Wii.

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