PS4 console - The Best Gaming Console -

PS4 console – The Best Gaming Console

Ps4 Gaming Console

The Gaming Industry

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This industry owes its existence to the advent of personal computers. From simple Tetris and snake games this industry has reached to the entire worlds of “grand theft auto” and what not. This industry has not only provided people with entertainment but has also produced millions of jobs. The arena of video games has also given birth to a whole new segment of sports popular worldwide known as e-sports.

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Talking about gaming, one of the most popular gaming stations is PS4 or PlayStation 4 in the huge universe of gaming.

The History: PS4 Console

PS4 is a home gaming console fourth in line in the series of Playstations developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. PS4 is the successor to Play Station 3. It was announced in February 2013 and released later at the end of the year all around the globe. It is an eight generation console and its competitors are Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox one among others.

The Technical Specification

Its technical specifications include Accelerated Processing Unit, which is one the most powerful APU built till date. It includes a CPU, GPU, memory controller amongst other components. The RAM totals to 8 GB and the console comes with 500 gigabyte of hard drive storage. Additional storage can be increased up to 8TB. PS4 supports WiFi and Ethernet connectivity along with Bluetooth and two USB 3.0 ports. The PS4 comes with a ‘rest mode’ feature which puts the console in a low power state.PS4’s primary controller is the DualShock 4 and the design is similar to previous controllers of the series. Certain changes have been made to give users a better experience with the controller, for example; the motion tracking system has been made more sensitive than the previous one. The approximate weight of the console is about 2.1 kgs. One of the PS4’s biggest achievements is to introduce people to Virtual Reality, perhaps the cheapest way to get it.

Conclusion: PS4 Console

All these specifications backed up by latest technology and development as well as a mammoth gaming library gives the user a super rich gaming experience. Users can benefit by playing all the high end games without any problem. The playstation series are quite popular worldwide and often the first choice for gaming enthusiasts and have sold around 120 million units all over the globe. The price set for Indian markets is around Rs 28000. Another variant, PS4 pro is also available for purchase, which will give the user a luxurious gaming exposure.

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