Nintendo: The Renowned Video Game Company -

Nintendo: The Renowned Video Game Company

The Nintendo: A Renowned Video Game Company

Nintendo originated in the late 1970s and has a brand value in the gaming market for providing top-notch gaming devices and entertainment. Nintendo consoles are bought, appreciated and followed by millions of subscribers. This gaming giant is giving competitors like Sony PS, Xbox a run for their money.

Nintendo is a Japanese company, which is very popular for its product in the video game industry.
Nintendo: The Renowned Video Game Company

Establishment Of The Nintendo

This company was founded in 1889 by a Japanese man named Fusajiro Yamauchi. Today, Nintendo is a multinational company in the video game sector. The headquarter of this organisation is situated in Kyoto, Japan.

Until the late 1990s, Nintendo did not make much of an impact. The revolution of the company began after the 90s when popular game like Super Mario Evolution, and Contra came into the field. What Nintendo envisioned in those days, it was tough for western markets to even imagine.

History Of The Nintendo

The Nintendo started its journey from 1889. In the early days, this company produced a particular type of playing cards. Upto 1960, the company invested in many businesses, but to no avail. They tasted success right after they entered the digital world.

So the company approached the game sector again. This time they were not producing the playing cards, but they decided to enter the industry of video games.

Nintendo Becoming A Video Game Company

In the 1970s The Nintendo Co. Ltd. has established as a video game company. Since the 1980s this company started to introduce some video game in the market.

People gave an excellent response to these games as the features of these games were quite cool. These games had a salient interface. Initially, it was popular in only America and Europe, but gradually the company introduced some more exciting and thrilling games all around the globe.

World Wide Identification Of The Nintendo

By manufacturing a lot of video games, which were exciting it became famous worldwide in a short time. Now it is the biggest seller of Video Games in the market.

The company’s business has reached up to 40 billion dollars.

Products Of The Nintendo

Since this company had launched a good range of its products. There is a long list in which a variety of video games exist.

Entertainment System

In the early phase, launched its first video game console in Japan in 1983. The company named it Family Computer. Since then, the company released NES in America and Europe in 1985 and 1986.

Super The Nintendo Entertainment System

After the successful launch of NES, the company introduced a 16-bit video game console named super entertainment system or SNES. This game was also among the best selling game system.

Other Popular Products

Although NES and SNES were the best seller products of the company, there are some other names on the list which got famous all over the world. Hence the 64, game cube, Wii, Switch and many more are the excellent examples of best-selling products from it.

Besides, all these mention products, the company had launched a range of game and watch. In this product, a watch is equipped with some games to enjoy on LCD.

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