Top 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse Of 2021 -

Top 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse Of 2021

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Now today, we’re going to talk about the best wireless gaming mouse launched in 2021.

So were going to be talking about:

  • Razer Viper Ultimate
  • Model O wireless
  • Logitech pro-X superlight
  • Aerox 3 wireless
  • Roccat kain 202 AIMO

Now out of all the mouse out there in the market, We picked these top 5 bad boys for gaming, and we’re going to be checking out why with the specifications.

Now usually play call of duty aggressive running guns snipers SMGS, yeah, that’s right. 

So we’re going to be starting up with Razer viper Ultimate. 

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So unique factor about viper is its got optical switches, and the main Ultimate selling points are:

  • Indistinguishable wired/wireless performance
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Excellent responsiveness

I’ve had every version of this mouse, even unreleased prototypes like ridiculously nice-looking cyberpunk-themed version as well.

I love the shape of this mouse. It’s low flat and similar to a fkNot remove dissimilar from the modelo wireless.

It’s one of the few at the top that has support for the lefties, particularly super lite.

 The charging dock Is something that sets this mouse apart in a good and attractive way. Seems insignificant.

When you’re done playing, you can just drop it on the dock and walk away. Next time you woke up, you just pick it up. It’s charge and good to go.

Price originally is 149.99$ in the USA, but you can catch ut on sale at 99$

And it not bad at all because, at 99 bucks, you get a lot of mouse.

Moving on to modelo wireless from glorious!

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In overall shape and grip style, it looks really similar to the viper.

They both kinda have that FK-inspired vibe; I hold them very similar.

It doesn’t have left-hand support and the frame has holes, and they also make ceramic feet for their mice if you wanna explore that.

It does have a USBC but has a proprietary connector. It also seems to play and charge very fine with a standard USBC regardless of orientation. But I wouldn’t risk damaging the mouse.

The side buttons in it are better than viper Ultimate because they have strong enough tactility that I never press them accidentally.

This is easily the best quality models that we’ve seen so far. It feels really well built.

Moving on to the recently released superlight from Logitech.

This is a very specific mouse for pro-level spf players.

It-dumps support for left-handed users, which is a shame, but it really cuts the weight.

I didn’t make any sacrifice to the build quality and loss of RGB, which benefited both the weight and the battery life.

If you’re a fingertip player, high sensitivity, then yes! It’s the lightest of all the wireless options.

Next up is the Aerox 3 wireless from the steel series.

It’s got the lowest build quality of the bunch. Strangest feat of the bunch as well.

Conformable in hitting shots, but the front thumb button kinda feels out of reach.

At 100$, it is the best offering from the steel series with a universal USBC and also the only mouse whose dongle is also USBC.

Really lightweight, wireless performance, and battery life all 100 percent solid!

 And the last one is kain 202 wireless from Roccat. 

With the weight is 105 grams and excellent built quality, it’s a handful for real and similar length to others. Easily the tallest on the list but not in symmetrical shape. There’s a definite fall off from right to left, nice and smooth side buttons.


Wireless performance is really well. It won’t be a bad decision to get a mouse-like this at 99$ 

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