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Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones Review – Why Good Quality Sound Is Essential To Good Gaming

turtle beach gaming headphones

Want to have a good time with your friends at your next online or LAN Gaming session? You need a good headset! A Turtle Beach microphone headset will give you the crisp and clear sound quality you need to succeed. Here are some of our favorite Turtle Beach gaming headsets that can make your gaming experience more enjoyable:

Recon Gaming Headset

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Our top pick for the best gaming headset on the market. With tons of great features, this headset is the perfect match for any hardcore gamer. Immerse yourself into your gaming events with the powerful combined Bass Boost and Full Definition audio. The Turtle Beach Recon 200 headphone offers high-quality audio and crystal clear chat via its five-ways headset buttons, lightweight shape, and durable synthetic leather-wrap memory foam cushions.

Turtle Beach HyperX Travel Pro

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These headsets are another must-have if you frequently travel. Like the Recon, they offer tons of features and tons of power. They also have an extensive memory and tons of bass, so gamers can feel what it is like to play with closed earphones. You can read up on many of the great features that HyperX brings to the table by going to their website.

Turtle Beach HyperX WarPilot Wireless Gaming Headphones

These wireless headsets from HyperX are truly phenomenal. Not only do they provide awesome audio quality, but they also let you adjust your volume levels to the level of your preference. This means that if you want to have pure audio while you’re playing your favorite games, these wireless headsets will allow it. It’s so simple to use because it comes with a wireless headset stand, so it doesn’t matter where you place them.

Turtle Beach HyperX Deathmatch Kit

If you’re looking for the best mice on the market, then the HyperX Deathmatch Kit might be the one for you. With a noise-canceling microphone, you can get the feeling of having active gameplay with your friends without worrying about disturbing anyone else in the room. There are three separate headsets with which to connect the mic to play the game with three different headsets at once. This is ideal for people who sometimes need to play multiple games at once. These gaming headsets also have a built-in noise-canceling feature so you can block out noise wherever you go. They also have a built-in speaker so you can hear your opponents and other gamers around you during a heated game.

Turtle Beach Xbox Ones Wireless Headset

One of the most popular consoles released this holiday season is the Xbox One S. It has a great built-in Blu-ray player, but it also comes with a headset that will let you get more from your games than ever before. Like the HyperX Deathmatch Kit, the Turtle Beach Xbox Ones wireless headset lets you attach it to yourself for a more immersive experience. It also comes with three different headsets, so you can play either using the front, rear or surround sound capabilities of the console.

Turtle Beach HyperX All In One Wireless Gaming headset

If you want something flashy and stylish, then the Turtle Beach All In One USB Mic for Xbox is the one you’re looking for. It’s got a beautiful outer design, and it’s going to make your gaming experience all the better. The HyperX All In One headset has a high-quality microphone built right into it for noise canceling. Along with a headset extension, you’ll also get a USB cable and a wall adapter to use with your computer so that you can play any game on any computer. The great thing about it is that it also works with both the Xbox Ones and the older version of the ps4.


So if you’re looking for a good set of Turtle Beach headsets, you’ve got plenty to choose from. With so many great features, you can be sure that any gamer will love it and will want to take care of it long after the gaming session is over. Good luck with your next gaming session. Enjoy!

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