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Wii A Delicate Machine Game Console

Wii A Delicate Machine Game Console

The Wii is also unofficially known as Nintendo Wii. It is a home video game console. The company, Nintendo released it on November 19, 2006. It is a 7th generation console. It competed with  Xbox 360 by Microsoft and PS3 Sony. However, according to  Nintendo, it targets a broader range of users than the two others. The console broke the sales record in the year 2006, for a single month in the USA.

Advantages Of A Wii

The Wii has introduced the Remote controller. The remote controller which can be used as a handheld pointing device. Moreover, the remote controller can detect movement in 3D. The Wii run games provided on optical discs, specially made for it. The console also supports WiiConnect24 service. This service enabled Wii to receive messages and updates over the Internet. One can get these messages and updates even in standby mode.

Wii A Delicate Machine Game Console
Wii A Delicate Machine Game Console

Virtual Console:

Like any other 7th generation consoles. Wii supports a service known as “Virtual Console.” This service can download emulated games from previous Nintendo consoles, online video streaming like BBC iPlayer, and other services that Nintendo provides on the Internet.

Wii owners can play games by Wii console service. The games were initially released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment, Nintendo Entertainment System,  System, Nintendo 64, Commodore 64, Sega Mark III/Sega and Sega’s Genesis/Mega Drive. In addition to that, the games were also released for, NEC’s TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine,  Master System, arcade games and SNK’s Neo Geo console. Once the games downloaded from the Internet, the players can access the  Virtual Console from the Menu. Moreover, the players or the owners can access the games from a memory card using the Memory Card Menu.

The Wii Remote Controller:

The owner can use the Remote as a primary controller for the Wii virtual console. The remote consists of built-in accelerometers and infrared detection. The infrared ray senses the position of the Wii remote in 3D space when the remote is pointed at the sensor bar of the LED. The built-in accelerometers and infrared beam allow users to play the game using physical gestures. Moreover, one can play games using button-presses. The remote controller pairs to the console using Bluetooth at a range of approximately 30ft.

Wii A Delicate Machine Game Console
Wii A Delicate Machine Game Console


The console has 88 MB main memory. However, the console consists of 24 MB of internal memory. 1T-SRAM integrated into the graphics package. Moreover, the console also has 64 MB external GDDR3 SDRAM. Besides, the main memory, the console also has 3 MB embedded GPU texture memory, along with framebuffer.


The console consists of 512 MB built-in NAND flash memory and an expanded storage using SD and SDHC card memory. However, the SD and SDHC card memory can be extended up to 32 GB. Moreover, the console has a Nintendo GameCube memory card that enables game storage from Nintendo. In addition to that, it has a  Slot-loading disc drive, Nintendo Game Disc, and an Optical Disc. Also, a Mask ROM is available.

Technical Problems: The Disadvantages Of Wii

Moreover. some game console systems might face problems reading the high-density. However, the Remote sometimes lose track of the system. Moreover. The battery life of the remote is not too long.

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